Multi-Port Adapter Hub 8.1



multi connections everywhere!

The Westiti Hub 8.1 Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter adds a plethora of connections to your laptop or desktop, just by using one Type-C port. Add 4K HDMI,pass-through charging, Ethernet, three USB Type-A ports, and SD and Micro SD Card slots to your computer. Colors come in silver and anthracite.


4K HDMI Video Output

Use the Hub’s 4K HDMI port to output video from your computer to a 4K monitor. If your computer supports 4K you can enjoy beautiful, crisp high-resolution displays by simply connecting an HDMI cable from your Multi-Port Adapter to a 4K monitor.

Ethernet Port

If you'd like to use a wired connection to the internet, the Hub 8.1 has you covered. Easily connect to the internet by connecting an Ethernet cable from the Adapter to your router.

Expansion Ports and Slots

The Hub 8.1 has plenty of room for your additional memory and peripherals. Three USB Type-A ports and SD and Micro SD Card slots ensure you're able to use all of your favorite devices!


  • Supports pass-through charging via USB-C
  • 3 x USB hub
  • 1 x USB-C
  • 1 x SDHC
  • 1 x Micro SDHC
  • Supports HDMI (4K/30Hz)
  • Supports Internet 1000M LAN
  • LED indicate for working status
  • Hot plug & play, driverless
  • 2 colors: Silver and Anthracite
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